Big data in biology

Tuesday, April 4, 17:15-18:00 

Vladimir Perovic, PhD, Research Associate, Center for Multidisciplinary Research, VINCA Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Serbia

Bioinformatics has provided large-scale and quantitative analyses of biological phenomena not imaginable before the genomic era. Combining data obtained by life sciences and other disciplines enables unique insights into structure, function, and evolution of molecules, cells, tissues, and organisms. There has been an explosion of bioinformatics careers during the last decade. Scientists with expertise in bioinformatics, computer science and statistics can pursue more career options than ever before. Bioinformatics is a thriving field that is currently in the forefront of science and technology.

The lecture will focus on creation and application of bioinformatics tools that contribute to transforming big biological data into biomedical insights. The presentation will also reflect on how to address some key biological questions through combining biological information with machine learning.